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Horizon line

Here We Go (Again) !

The year is ending with a closing statement quite similar to that of 2018 (1), which is mostly due to the evolution of the underlying instruction, insofar as the latter is conceived of as a guided tour - along this year’s transversal remastering track - through the work accomplished during publication phase 2 (2013-2018).Continue reading

Status Update

(Translation published on 2019-11-30)

With the year-end holiday season approaching, it is time for me to put aside the graphic remastering works in progress, which I will resume in January at the present web address, regardless of how the underlying instruction develops through the current final stage of deliberations.Continue reading

Back to the Sandbox

Graphic Bundle 04/10
The "webworthiness testing" is in progress for the three "Sandbox (1)" modules of my app-based web design configuration dedicated to the optimization of the annual balanced sheet's "liabilities (side) of reference":Continue reading

Status Update

(Translation published on 2019-09-30)

The remastering in progress of graphic bundle 4/10 has been delayed by the necessity to prepare the upcoming transfer of all my contents to a new macOS-enabled production environment, which implies a conceptual optimization of the storage space occupied by the project file folders of the many websites I have created since 2013:Continue reading

Preserving our Space-Times of Life

Graphic Bundle 03/10
(Translation published on 2019-08-22)

Let’s reflect back on the earned-value-sustained permanent optimization requirement, with the four modules published in 2014 which I dedicated to the conceptual reframing of our space-times of life, remembering that at the time of publication, the latter seemed more intertwined than ever, due to the interpenetration of social networks.Continue reading