Dashfolio 2019 The Author's Professional Dashboard

Au dessus des nuages

The Creator's Perspective

Let’s stay above the toxic cloud for the seventh edition of this professional RSS dashboard, which will be dedicated this year to the model of self-governance ruling Planet+Ultra®, as opposed to the more ancient forms of geopolitical domination. The main lines of this year’s agenda are outlined in the Slidefolio’s slideshow gallery for further development in the weblog, and summarized in the sidebar preview of each page of this website.
The overall structure of this updated specifications-oriented access portal is identical to that of the previous years, which has the benefit of providing a comprehensive overview of what remains to be integrated in the conceptual sense of the term.
Net+Ultra® Dashboard
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Conceptual Reporting:
Time for Oneself
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Intelligent Design:
Time for Others
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Intelligent Feedback:
Working Time
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Production Assets:
Colleagues, Partners
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Profolio Configuration:
Prospects, Customers
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Netfolio Level:
Leisure Time
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Consumption Liabs:
Family, Relatives
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Groupfolio Configuration:
Friends, Acquaintances
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Starter Level:


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